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Based in Windsor, Berkshire we provide grab lorries and tipper lorries for both domestic and commercial clients in the Thames Valley region and for the South East of England.

We also carry out all aspects of bulk excavation, ground works and can supply aggregates including plannings, crushed concrete, ballast, sand and many more materials.

Both tippers and grab lorries can deliver to site and materials are charged on a tonne or load basis. Muck away and grab services can be carried out alongside aggregates deliveries.

24 hr Tipper Lorry
Tipper Hire

Tipper Hire is an efficient way to remove and supply materials. Tipper Hire is perfect for sites which have diggers or shovel machines which are capable of loading. Coupled with our Grab Lorries our Tipper Hire trucks will get your site cleared in no time.

On large construction sites, we offer a muck away service which can remove hundreds of tonnes of waste material per day. While doing this, we can supply materials such as Type 1, ballast, building sand, sharp sand, p-shingle and topsoil.

24 hr Grab Lorry
Grab Hire

Grab Hire is a cost efficient and reliable way to remove and supply materials. Grab lorries are versatile and can place material or remove waste in multiple locations such as over walls, out of skips and on driveways, etc.

Grab Hire will save man hours in labour as loading is not required. It will save machinery rental, servicing and operator costs. On most projects it speeds up the excavation process as the material is removed immediately, leaving space for further material.

Bulk Evacuation & Groundworks
Excavation & Groundworks

Many of today’s large-scale construction projects require major bulk excavation work. At C Doyle Plant Hire & Construction Ltd we have the plant, vehicles and experience of logistics to make bulk excavation problem-free.

Our portfolio of groundworks includes all general services needed on large scale construction sites, and they all depend on what you want. For example, clearing the land of big trees and/or huge rocks that can be removed or reused as required.

Low Loader
Low Loader

C Doyle Plant Hire & Construction can provide a specialist transport and heavy haulage service throughout the UK. We carry all types of plant and machinery on specialised trailers. All drivers are fully experienced in the loading and unloading of vehicles to ensure all loads are safely carried out.

A low loader vehicle is a semi-trailer, which has two drops in deck height, allowing the deck to be very low compared with normal trailers. It also has an access ramp at the end of the platform.

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